NREC Is Going Virtual

We were hesitant to do it, but we’re going for it!

We really like in-person events because they offer the opportunity for focused learning and “real” networking. Even though everything else is going virtual, we were doubtful that we could still get the same effect.

None-the-less, in-person events are going to be a serious challenge in the near future and we didn’t want to put our Mission on hold.

The Northstar Real Estate Conferences empowers investors to achieve transformational success through cash-flowing real estate by creating meaningful opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and providing high-quality real estate education that inspires action.

So we’re doing it! We’re going virtual but it’s going to be different than some of the other events you’ve seen out there. We don’t want to be simply giving you content that you could easily find on YouTube or in a podcast. Instead our presentations are designed to be interactive and engaging. There will be opportunities for the audience to interact with the speakers and with each-other. There will be intentional and guided networking sessions throughout the event which will allow you to leave the event with actual connections.

You definitely don’t want to miss this one. So mark your calendars for October 22-24 and purchase your ticket today!