Kim Burke

My dad can fix anything. From the tiniest latch on a necklace, to the radiator on a 1929 Model T Ford, and everything in between. I spent my childhood watching him, and learning that there is a solution for everything, big or small.

I started my career in the mortgage industry right after graduating from college. It was only a few months after I started that one of my coworkers brought me a broken necklace, and I was able to fix it for her. That is when I knew my dad’s skills had carried on to me. And so it began….

I’ve been in the mortgage industry for over 15 years and have been lucky enough to participate in almost every facet of the business- from processing, underwriting, secondary marketing and even managing a office- but my current role as loan officer is by far the most rewarding experience yet.

I love applying my knowledge and experience to unique situations and helping my customer get the best mortgage product for their needs and for them to have an amazing experience along with it!

Outside of work I enjoy golfing, biking and hiking with my family and sharing a nice glass of wine and cheese with a friend.