Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a real estate investor based out of Minneapolis who specializes in investing in both small and large multifamily properties. He is the CEO of Hawkwing Capital, which syndicates large apartment buildings. He has a master of science in mental health counseling which comes in handy with building positive relationships in real estate. Matt co-hosts the Pillars of Wealth Creation podcast. He recently published the book, Book About Real Estate that summarizes and reviews top real estate books covering the full spectrum of real estate investing. As an avid reader, he loves talking with others about the powerful books he has read. When not doing real estate, you will find him cooking amazing meals, traveling the world, and going hiking with his amazing wife. He has a passion for helping others to become the best versions of themselves. You can find out more about Matt and his real estate investing at www.HawkwingCapital.com.