Megan Lamke

Megan Lamke

Managing Partner & Licensed Realtor 

At MeganLamke.com we help women turn their grit into financial growth by strategically investing in multifamily real estate opportunities, enabling women to transform their checkbooks into true wealth, while making a difference in the lives of girls.

 Megan started in the real estate industry working for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in 2008. Despite the huge recession and housing crisis Megan achieved the coveted President’s Club award 8 months for her sales closed. While at Wells Fargo Megan built a network of real estate investors and learned some best practices for real estate investing during a recession. While working full-time Megan  began house hacking  her primary residence while also convincing her tenants to help her  implementing the Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat (BRRRR) strategy. Megan, and her husband Darik, were gazelle intense about getting out of debt so they worked overtime, had 3-4 side hustles and were able to pay off $535,000 of personal debt, including their mortgage and $188,000 in student loans in under 5 years. One of Megan’s side hustles was using her sales and marketing skills to rapidly grow a local property management company which required Megan to get her real estate license. Megan and Darik realized that by BRRRR, house hacking their home had doubled in value and that becoming debt free they had the opportunity to sell their primary residence and use the profits to passively invest in multifamily syndications to replace Megan’s corporate salary. So they sold their home, started passively investing in multifamily syndications all throughout the United States. 

Megan was able to resign from all of her side hustles and corporate job to pursue real estate investing full time. Shortly after becoming a passive investor, Megan became a General Partner in her first real estate syndication. Today, Megan (34) & Darik (36) have a rapidly growing portfolio of over 1,491 units valued at over $344 million dollars. They both work from home and have the time freedom and financial freedom to spend quality time with their 3 year old daughter. Now, Megan and Darik get to go sailing, play rugby and travel as much as they want. Megan volunteers to teach aspiring investors how to get out of debt quickly and build wealth. Megan helps DIY landlords sell their real estate portfolios and scale up into multifamily syndication, just like she did.  Megan loves helping the accredited and sophisticated investors transform their checkbooks into true wealth and financial freedom. In our business Megan focuses on building relationships, investor relations, asset procurement.