The Deal Looked Awesome and Felt Right, But…

Angel has been involved in real estate investing her whole life but began her personal real estate investing journey in 2003. She is a Co-Founder of The Academy Presents and a Managing Partner of Lorren Capital, LLC. Angel has experience in Single Family Home Rentals, Small Multifamily Home Rentals, and Passive Investing in Multifamily Syndication deals. Angel graduated from Baylor University in 2000 with a BBA in Economics, and in 2002 with a MS in Economics.

For this interactive workshop, imagine that you got into a deal as an LP. The numbers looked amazing and you felt great about the team. A year later, and no distributions—Not. A. Single. One. Capex projects have continued. You sit on the side waiting for anything to no avail. What can you do?

The workshop will end with Q&A and networking.