Ryan Schroder

Hi, I am Ryan Schroder – co founder and Owner of VSM Real Estate. Real Estate is my passion, and has led me to what has been a very fun and interesting career. I started as an assistant to my father, a local business broker and got my first taste of the brokerage business and investing. From there I took a position as a hotel broker, which amplified the stakes and my overall knowledge of investment real estate. In 2010 Goran Vejzovic and I formed a property management company called “Vejzovic Schroder Management” which we promptly renamed “VSM Real Estate” out of difficulty pronouncing Goran’s last name!

Starting a business during a down economy was viewed as crazy by some of our friends and family, but I’d argue there is no better time. We were able to help hundreds of home owners in the Twin Cities with whatever solution worked best for their situation. Sometimes it was to rent, sometimes it was to sell, and sometimes we’d buy their property from them on a contract for deed. As we developed the business and our skills along with it, we started adding more related services. We’ve bought some of the most distressed homes you can imagine and made significant investments to polish them into diamonds and either rent or sell them.

Currently my greatest passion for real estate is in the value add space where we locate distressed real estate, and buy it, fix it, and then rent / sell it. The unique challenge that each property presents makes each one totally unique. My other great passion is for my family and my 3 kids. We live in the Prior Lake area and when I am not working I enjoy outdoor sports and cars!